Essence Wood Windows

Beauty and strength. Style and innovation. Comfort and dependability.

Milgard Essence™ Series wood windows are a completely new approach to making a wood window. The result is a superior, long-lasting wood window providing greater energy efficiency and durability.

Milgard’s wood windows are beautiful on the inside and Milgard tough on the outside. They feature a wood interior in pine or optional Douglas fir or primed wood. A new internal secure connecting system results in a pristine interior wood surface with no unsightly nail holes or staples, perfect for staining, sealing or painting. The outside is durable fiberglass. Compare this to conventional wood windows with their exposed wood exteriors.

Not only are Essence windows better protected on the outside, but we also have an advanced water management system that protects our wood interior and harmlessly drains away water in the rare event water enters the sash system. What’s more, Milgard’s tough fiberglass exterior frame and sash construction is designed to last and last. Our proprietary powder-coat process (available in 15 colors) gives it a baked-on, sag-free, extremely durable exterior coating that resists scratches and gouges.

For new homes, remodeling projects, or wherever quality wood windows are desired, Milgard Essence Series windows deliver it all – as well as something ordinary wood windows don’t provide: Milgard’s Full Lifetime Warranty with Glass Breakage Coverage.

Styleline Vinyl WIndows

Styleline Vinyl Windows

Styleline Vinyl windows stand apart from the rest of the bulky, clunky vinyl replacement windows on the market. With their slim frame profiles and maximum glass area, the Styleline window let’s you capture more of the view and less of the frame.

Milgard Fiberglass Windows

Ultra Fiberglass Windows

Fiberglass windows offer high strength, low maintenance frames and timeless looks. If you are looking for an alternative to vinyl replacement windows, take a look at the Ultra Series Fiberglass Windows by Milgard.

Tuscany Vinyl Windows San Antonio, Texas

Tuscany Windows

Tuscany Vinyl Replacement Windows offer a look beyond any vinyl replacement window on the market. With its traditional window design and features like the Smart Touch Lock, the Tuscany window sets the standard for all others to follow.

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