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Unique James Hardie Siding Replacement

About the Project

This is one of our favorite James Hardie Siding replacements that we completed. The client was in need of a face lift on the house. It was a typical 1970’s tract home built in San Antonio. The existing siding was compressed fiberboard sheets that had started to rot and buckle around the edges.

We completed transformed the house with a full siding replacement. The coolest thing about the project was the siding pattern that we were able to use. The client wanted something more than just the standard lap siding pattern. We were able to utilize two different size siding boards to create a pattern of “thin & thick” James Hardie siding boards.

The results created a much more modern look to a 40+ year old house. What’s more is that it made the house stand out (for the better) on a block of old houses. There are many options we can create with Hardie siding to make any home unique.

Scope of Work

Here is some quick information about the project:

  • ✓ 2300 square foot house
  • ✓ Approx. 1500 square feet of siding replaced
  • ✓ Project took approx. 14 days to complete
  • ✓ Project cost was roughly $16,000