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Installation Information

When choosing a replacement window it is very important to pick the right replacement window installation company. Getting your windows replaced is more than just as simple as “rip one out, put one in”.

The video library below are various videos we have shot or collected over the years discussing various installation situations. The Window Experts and Siding Pros pride ourselves on proper installation techniques for all of our installations.

This window replacement project is a great example of how we can change your window configurations to whatever you want with new replacement windows. We used Milgard Fiberglass Replacement Windows and changed it from a twin single hung to a slider combination with a large picture window.
This window replacement project shows how we can upgrade a basic single pane fixed glass in a wood frame opening. The new windows will provide better energy efficiency and better sound control. We used Milgard Styleline picture windows with a prairie pattern grille between the glass.
This window replacement project is a great example of our premium exterior color product. We replaced windows in a condo unit where it was important to keep the exterior color close to matching the rest of the windows in the development. We used Milgard Styleline window with its thin frame profile to match the thin profiles of the existing old aluminum windows.
This window replacement project discusses the benefits of using a flush flange replacement window installation inside of a siding window installation. In this particular case, the house had vinyl siding with an aluminum cap on all of the window trim. By using the flush flange method we are able to install the new windows without disturbing the cap or the vinyl siding. This is part 1 of 2 in this installation. Part two can be found to the right. We utilized Milgard’s Styleline vinyl windows for this project.
This video is a continuation of the video to the left. It shows the results of the replacement window project in a vinyl siding wall.
This window replacement project discusses the installation approach with steel casement windows. Steel casement windows were very common in ranch style houses built in the 1950’s and 1960’s. They can be a very difficult replacement window installation due to how they were initially installed. Using a flush flange installation approach we can install the replacement windows while leaving the existing frame in place. This is critical with steel casement windows because there can be significant damage to the wall when trying to remove steel casement windows.
Replacement windows in stucco openings… there is a right way and a wrong way. This video shows what happens when replacement windows are improperly installed in stucco walls. The previous installer simply cut the old window out and installed the new window inside the opening. They used backer rod and sealant around the perimeter to seal it. The problem is there is no waterproofing against the wall behind the new window frame. Once water penetrated into the wall it simply ran down the wall and caused the problems you see here. If you are replacing windows in a stucco opening make sure you get the proper installation. Use a flush flange installation retro fit frame or have the stucco cut back and a new window installed with weatherproofing to the original wall. DO NOT LET A WINDOW INSTALLER TELL YOU THERE IS ANY OTHER WAY TO INSTALL A WINDOW IN A STUCCO OPENING.
This is one of our “old school” videos we shot to demonstrate the full tear out method of installing a replacement window. You can see the amount of work and how invasive the process is. We try to utilize a flush flange installation method that keeps the original frame intact so that we can avoid the potential for damage to the house and maintain the original water barrier on the house.