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Installing Replacement Windows

Installing replacement windows – One of the most important parts of buying replacement windows

When purchasing replacement windows it is very important to understand who is installing replacement windows for your project. The best window in the world will not work properly if it is not installed correctly.

The tricky thing about trying to learn about the installation of your replacement windows is that not many window replacement companies talk much about the installation. Most in home consultations focus more on the features of the product and less on the methods of installing replacement windows. It is easier for a salesman to try and sell you on the bells and whistles than it is to discuss the proper methods of installation.


Instead of shopping around for the best replacement window, search for the best replacement window installation company that sells replacement windows. Proper installation of the windows is critical for the long term performance of the window and should be the main focus of your replacement window shopping.

But wait. I know what you are thinking… I should focus on finding the best window because that is what I am purchasing, right? Yes, and no. The windows you purchase are the physical part of the purchase. You can see, feel and touch it. You do want to make sure it is a quality product. However, you must place an emphasis on making sure the company that is installing replacement windows for you is absolutely a “quality product” as well.

I’ll let you in on an inside secret: Any company that truly cares about best installation practices is going to be offering a high quality replacement window. If you find a good installation company, you have also probably found a good replacement window. Good installation companies do not want to install inferior product.


Most homeowners don’t have any idea about installing replacement windows. So how can you tell if the company you are meeting with is a quality installation company? The easiest way is to check and see if they have had any formal training. Installation Masters is a certification training program that contractors attend, test, and get certified. A contractor with Installation Masters certification is a contractor that understands the importance of installation training and certification. They commit to going beyond just getting working knowledge in the field.

A less concrete way to find out if they are a good installation company is simple: The company talks about the installation during the buying process. A company that is committed to installing replacement windows right is excited to educate the customer on the installation process. They want to teach, they want you to understand. A good installation company wants you to understand not just the window you are buying, but the installation you are buying as well. Listen during the sales process. If a company wants to discuss how they install the windows, chances are you found a good installation company.


Make sure to ask about the installation process, the installation team, and the methods of installation. While there are not many resources available to find out about quality installation companies, you can find options through Installation Masters certification. Take the time, do the research, ask plenty of questions and you will find the right company for installing your replacement windows.

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