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Installing replacement windows – One of the most important parts of buying replacement windows

When purchasing replacement windows it is very important to understand who is installing replacement windows for your project. The best window in the world will not work properly if it is not installed correctly.

The tricky thing about trying to learn about the installation of your replacement windows is that not many window replacement companies talk much about the installation. Most in home consultations focus more on the features of the product and less on the methods of installing replacement windows. It is easier for a salesman to try and sell you on the bells and whistles than it is to discuss the proper methods of installation.


Instead of shopping around for the best replacement window, search for the best replacement window installation company that sells replacement windows. Proper installation of the windows is critical for the long term performance of the window and should be the main focus of your replacement...

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When buying replacement windows it is important to know that there is more to learn about more than just the windows. Replacement window companies tend to focus on selling you on the bells and whistles of the window. It is important to know that other details are just as important to buying replacement windows as the window itself.


The video below discusses four important items to investigate when interviewing companies when buying replacement windows. When you are meeting with companies it is important to dig below the surface of just the window sales pitch. Purchasing windows is a major remodeling project and it pays to know details that can have an impact beyond the window you buy.

When buying replacement windows here are four things you should dig deeper into when making your purchase:


Who services the window under the warranty – Most quality replacement windows will carry some form of a full lifetime, or limited lifetime warranty. This...

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Many people have never replaced their windows before in their lives. It is a pretty big project with lots of choices to be made. This leads to many replacement window questions. As a full service replacement window company, we have the opportunity to visit with many people about their replacement windows. Our goal is to always answer as many questions necessary to make homeowners feel comfortable about their project.

We thought we would take a moment to answer some of the most common replacement window questions we receive. Below are just a few. We hope they will help you in your research. If you need more help, you can always reach out to us.



Low E is a metallic coating that is applied to the inside of the glass on the window. Low E helps to reflect the radiant heat out away from the window and the house. It is the component of the window that does the heavy lifting when it comes to energy efficiency. The higher the Low E rating, the better it will be at blocking the...

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In the past, colored vinyl windows were like a unicorn… magical beings that simply didn’t exist. If you were deciding to get replacement windows for you house you had two choices: white or tan. If your current windows didn’t match those two, or the paint scheme of your house contrasted, tough luck. You may have increased the energy efficiency of your home, but now your house screamed “HEY LOOK! WE HAVE UGLY REPLACEMENT WINDOWS”.

Luckily things have changed when it comes to colored vinyl windows. Technology now allows homeowners to choose from numerous exterior colors that they can have on their vinyl windows. Instead of just white or tan there are numerous shades of brown, silver, gray, taupe and creme that allow you to truly customize the look of your replacement windows.

Replacement windows are not a small investment for any homeowner so it would make sense to have the option of colored vinyl windows. Vinyl is the most popular material used for making replacement window frames because of its durability and affordable price point. By adding in the option of custom...